An Extensive Down and Feather collection that is  filled with hypoallergenic clean filling. All down and feather goes through a thorough washing treatment that cleans every gram of feather and down 8 times over to alleviate allergens, dust, bacteria, fungi and any unpleasant odour. Our processing plant is fitted with the newest German technology. Should feather and down be insufficiently cleaned, machines will automatically go through the washing process again resulting in a hypoallergenic clean product. We have an extensive range of  down & feather pillows, bolsters, duvets,  feather beds and our exclusive Heavenly Mattress.

Empire Shield is a complete anti-Asthma & Allergy bedding system. This range  is developed specially for asthma and allergy sufferers. The fabric of the Empire Shield is  so fine it is 1/10th the diameter of silk. Filled with the loftiest down and feather that is hypoallergenic  treated that is free from fungi, dust-mites, bacteria. Suitable for people suffering from Asthma or Rhinitis.

Microfibre Collection: Choose from our  Down alternative range, filled with Premium New micro fibre that is hypoallergenic. Premium microfibre fill emulates the light, fluffy air trapping properties of down and feather.  An extensive range of pillows, gusseted pillows, bolsters, duvets, mattress toppers and more. Covered with soft pre-shrunk 100% Egyptian cotton. We, are the Specialist in Bedding Technology.

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