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Cleaning Standards

The filling  of feather and down are washed with an antimicrobial treatment developed for THE OLD EMPIRE. Washing treatment thoroughly cleans every gram of feather and down 8 times over to alleviate allergens, dust, bacteria, fungi and any pleasant
odour. Our processing plant is fitted with the newest German technology. Should feather and down be insufficiently cleaned, machines will automatically go through the washing process again resulting in a hypoallergenic clean product. 

Fabric & Construction

All The Old Empire quilt shells are woven in 100% breathable, superior down-proof cotton to prevent down from escaping and to reduce moisture retention. Pillows are sewn with 2 layers of down-proof 100% superior cotton preventing down from escaping. Quilts are constructed in true box construction. Each box is sewn to contain equal amount of down thereby preventing down from shifting and creating cold spots. Double stitching is used on all edges to prevent down from escaping out of this natural, green product. Filling with the best large loft of down and feather, warmth without weight.
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