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Choosing The Right Pillow

Most people don’t think too much about their choice of pillow unless they sleep badly or suffer from pain (usually neck or back pain), but the right pillow can make a big impact on your quality of sleep, your health and your well being.

Choosing the right pillow is the first step. There’s no single pillow that’s great for everyone. We are all different shapes and sizes and have different sleeping styles and so we need to choose a pillow which is suited to each of us. At The Old Empire, we cater to all your pillow needs to help you select the best possible pillow. Here’s a handy pillow reference guide to help you to narrow down the options, you’ll be sleeping better in no time:

Probably the most important factor in choosing the right pillow. This determines the required pillow support level (thickness) to adequately support your head and align your neck with your spine. 
Do you mostly:
  • Sleep on your front (you are a tummy sleeper) – Choose a softer pillow ( starting from soft to the crown jewel down pillow or a soft gusset or extrasoft microfibre pillow)
  • Sleep on your back (you are a back sleeper) – Choose a medium thickness pillow (high filled down firm, soft pillow or an extra firm gusset to firm microfibre pillow)
  • Sleep on your side (you are aside sleeper) – Choose a medium-high thickness pillow (high-fill firm- extrasoft down pillow,  or soft to extrafirm microfibre pillow.
  • A mixture of all or some of these (you are a mixed sleeper) – Choose a medium thickness pillow
    (luxx surround, OE support or the extrasoft pillow. For microfibre choose the soft or extrasoft pillow.
If you are a side sleeper, you should try putting a soft, low-density pillow between your knees (especially for women). You might find  this unusual, but it helps to align your upper hip properly, taking the pressure off and making you very comfortable.
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